How Loans are Charged in Peer-to-peer lending

We are going to see how the loans in Peer-to-peer lending are charged, as the promoters requesting financing return, through the Peer-to-peer lending companies, all the capital that they have received in loans, plus the corresponding interest and commissions, to the investors and we will put simple examples so that everything is easily understood. With […]


Credit card, quick loan or Peer-to-peer lending

In this article we will choose between credit card, quick loan or Peer-to-peer lending, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of one and another form of financing, when one is more effective than another and, above all, which is cheaper and easier to obtain.   What is a credit card? A credit card is […]

Bad Credit

How the return of a loan works

Many people turn to private lenders or lender companies like ours to apply for a loan. In these cases one of the most frequent doubts that arise is how the return of this type of financial actions works. They do it in the same way as banks or there are other alternatives to return this […]