How the return of a loan works

Many people turn to private lenders or lender companies like ours to apply for a loan. In these cases one of the most frequent doubts that arise is how the return of this type of financial actions works. They do it in the same way as banks or there are other alternatives to return this type of credit. In Lenders we tell you.

How the return of a loan works through lenders

As a general rule, lender companies offer different methods of payment when returning the capital that the borrower has requested. These can be divided into three major types.

Do you want to know how the return of a loan works? Most frequent payment options

By means of debit card

Many lender companies offer their borrowers the possibility of returning their loan by means of debit cards. To do this, you must have a card associated with the MasterCard or Visa payment system. Selecting this option is usually very simple. It is only necessary to access the user account on the web page of the lender and indicate that you want to return the borrowed amount by means of a debit card. For this, it is only necessary to indicate on the platform the amount that you wish to pay and give the option to “pay”.

In order to use your debit card for this purpose you must include the data of the same.

Using the bank transfer system

There are people who prefer to make a bank transfer to settle their debts with the lenders. To use this system you can do it from whatever your entity fenicara. It is likely that the transfer has a load and the bank account to which you make the transfer is different from yours.

For this reason many lenders have several accounts in different banks to settle the debts. In this way the borrower has more opportunities of not having to assume transfer costs.

When the bank transfer system is used, the normal thing is that certain data must be indicated in the concept. As a general rule these are usually the ID number of the borrower along with the loan number that you wish to pay.

Through a cash deposit directly into account

Another of the most used methods to return a loan is through a cash income directly into account. In these cases, the borrower must go to the desired branch to which the lender’s account belongs. In this case it is necessary that the borrower moves to the nearest branch to be able to make the deposit.

In order for this to be possible, the borrower must offer the following personal information at the branch in order to be correctly identified.

  • The reason or concept of income . The best thing in this case is to indicate in the branch the loan number assigned so that it is included in this box and it is easier to locate our payment.
  • The total amount to which the income rises . Which we have to carry in cash since we are going to do it at the window.
  • Personal data of the loan applicant . In order to be identified and associated with the return. These data are the DNI number, the name and surnames of the loan applicant.

As you see there are usually several options when it comes to returning the loan. Many lenders offer the possibility of making the refund ahead of time without penalizing the customer with more commissions. But everything depends on the lender with whom you contact.