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It turns out that the particular credit offered by the lenders is today one of the most demanded options when the clients of the banks do not have the financing they need. At this point, it is convenient to ask about the interests of the loans of the lenders and to know what are the figures pertaining to the installments to pay these loans.

 In our specific case, we offer interests that are between 12% and 15% per year, compared to other companies that are also dedicated to private financing. These are figures that are really competitive, but the most important thing is not that, if not the comfort with which they can be paid and the terms that can be chosen to make those payments. The interest of the loans of the lenders offered by our private equity company can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments.

Our company always tries to find the most appropriate formula for each client and will design plans adapted to the needs of each user. One of the characteristics that constitute in itself the greatest advantage of these private equity loans is the fact that they can be guaranteed with any type of property, even if it is real estate or not; We can for example the fact that it is possible to endorse these loans with a flat, a vehicle, art collections, taxi licenses, etc. Any object that has the sufficient value to obtain the loan that the client needs. The only exception is jewelery, but there is a wide range of possibilities so that the customer can finally enjoy the cash that he requests from our company. The amount we can grant you is between 20% and 25% and this depends on the quality of the guarantees presented by the user. Also, there is another very interesting option to obtain these particular loans, it is the credit for the car. In this specific case it is possible to obtain money through the vehicle of the user, first that car is assessed and then our professionals can grant an amount that is between 30% or 40% of the value that the appraisal of the car. For the formula described above is equally valid if it is a motorcycle, a van a truck; since the concept is the same in each case.

Returning to real estate properties, they have to meet a very important condition to obtain these loans of private capital; It is about the fact that they should not have any type of charges or mortgages and by fulfilling this important aspect it is possible to guarantee the credits with a flat, house, premises, etc. the plots or plots are not valid. Another notable advantage of these private equity loans is that they are processed with great speed, compared to banking we do not ask for so many documents or justifications and this means that the end user can make use of the cash in a while. really reduced, since in less than 72 hours it is possible to make use of the requested amount. Our company is formed by a team of experts in real estate and financial matters and we are professionals, private and private lenders with a lot of experience in the sector.

Therefore, as such we always look for our financing projects to reach a good port and that is why we always carry out feasibility studies that allow us to know if it will be possible to carry out that credit operation. These analyzes are totally free for customers who never charge for it, also in the case that the loan with a real property is being guaranteed, we only need the note always in order to be able to carry out feasibility studies. We also emphasize that the private capital loans that we offer can be requested by people who are in a situation of delinquency or who do not have a monthly payroll. This is another advantage compared to traditional banks that would never grant a loan to people who find themselves in situations of economic precariousness; We are aware that a small economic boost can help many families and individuals to move forward.

In that case, it is necessary to carry out an official appraisal of the house, we can take care of that procedure since we always try to carry out the maximum number of possible procedures and thus free the user from unnecessary procedures. In this case we will only charge the customer a very small and economical amount. We make notarial signatures of the agreements that we carry out and this is a legal procedure that is totally necessary; These notarial signatures confers greater legality and solidity to the operations that we process and can be carried out in any locality of the Spanish territory in such a way that it is not necessary that the client has to travel to another province, since we cover all the Spanish territory including also the islands. Finally we want to conclude adding that we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and all our financial operations are framed within the current legislation, therefore customers can feel safe that all our activities and procedures.

If you need a private loan it is time to request our company and comment on the characteristics and needs that are pressing you at this time. The interests of the loans of the private lenders that our company are really competitive and can be paid in very comfortable installments for you, therefore if you have doubts in this respect that everything we have exposed in these lines we recommend that you consult all that Do not understand and clarify your doubts with us. Interest on the loans of the lenders Rate our post