Demon Slayer in top 3 TV shows in Japan


demon slayer Tanjiro and his friends are currently trading blows with two of the strongest demons they have ever encountered as they attempt to save the lives of those residing in the Entertainment District. Although no one can say how popular the Shonen franchise has become, the latest statistics from Japan prove that the series created by Koyoharu Gotouge could be much more popular than fans originally thought, as the series has become the third most-watched television program in Japan.

Currently, when a new episode of demon slayer broadcast in Japan, it garners ratings that indicate that more than nineteen percent of households in Japan are currently tuned in to the adventures of Tanjiro and his fellow Demon Slayer Corps members. Considering that the first hit in the series became the biggest animated film of all time, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and passing by previous champ, Studio Ghibli’s Taken away as if by magicit’s no surprise that the Corps’ latest adventures are getting such a huge fan following in Japan.

In the latest episode of demon slayer, Tanjiro and his friends continued their fight in the entertainment district against the high-level demons Gyutaro and Daki, who are siblings who share the same body. With the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, seemingly succumbing to the poison coursing through his veins, Tanjiro is unable to save him from the apparent loss of one of his arms, as the final episode ends on one of the biggest cliffhangers. of the series to date. .

Surprisingly enough, Demon Slayer Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga has already ended as the story of Tanjiro and his friends has already ended and ended in Tanjiro and Nezuko’s quest to avenge their family and eradicate the demonic plague. Gotouge has been tight-lipped about a sequel or spin-off to follow on the meteoric popularity of the Shonen franchise, though we imagine there are more than a few fans who would happily dive back in.

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