If you are looking for a fast, agile and effective financial solution, you probably do not have a clear idea where to go. Surely if you have gone to your bank you will have seen that they request a series of requirements that you may not meet. In addition, the most likely thing is that the paperwork takes longer than expected and you need the money more quickly.

In these cases, going to private equity loans with a mortgage guarantee can be a good solution. At Lenders we are experts in this type of financial activities.

If you want to know more about how the loans with mortgage guarantee work, do not forget to read the following post. Go for it.

Loans with Mortgage Loan from Lenders

In order to apply for one of these loans through Lenders, it is only necessary

  • Have a property in property free of charge and susceptible to sale. This property can be of any type. From a luxury hotel, passing through an industrial building, a small shop, a beach house, a garage or a plot of land.
  • Get in touch with us If you own one of these properties, you will only have to contact us. And in less than 10 minutes we will inform you if your loan has been pre approved.
  • Without capital limit. If yes, you should know that there is no capital limit. We can offer you from a minimum of € 6,000 and a maximum that equals 30% of the market value of your property.
  • Ease of procedures. We will take care of everything and you can send us the information through email. Once received, we will contact an external official valuation company, regulated by the Bank of Spain, to find out the real value of the property. Once we have this information you can receive your loan in less than 72 hours.
  • It does not matter if you are in Asnef, that you do not have regular income or that you need capital in a short space of time. We can offer you up to 10 years to return it in convenient terms.

Why use home equity loans

Perhaps one of the main advantages of home equity loans is that you can use them practically to cover almost any type of financial need. Let’s give some examples:

  • In the face of inheritances. Many times the heirs are not able to assume the Inheritance Tax, which causes them to lose the properties that are inherited. If this is your case, a mortgage loan could be the solution. Since it is possible to use this same house as collateral with which to obtain financing to pay the Inheritance Tax.
  • Reunify debts. You can go to private capital to reunify debts through a mortgage guarantee loan. In this way the company assumes our previous debts and liquidates them by unifying the capital in a new loan.
  • Obtain financing despite being in Asnef or not having an appropriate CIRBE. In these cases, traditional financial institutions do not offer loans. Since two of the necessary requirements for them are violated. However, through lenders and private equity companies, they can be achieved. Using for example the mortgage guarantee loans.

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