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Netflix’s polarizing show Love is blind continued to shock audiences after its Season 2 premiere. Packed with enough red flags for a parade, it’s no surprise that the sultry social experiment has become popular enough to earn a few spinoffs. Love is blind: Japan — released the day after Valentine’s Day — borrows heavily from its American counterpart.

Much like the western version, 11 men and 13 women engage in 40-minute dates with each other, separated by comfortable pods and forbidden to physically see each other until one proposes marriage. . Supposedly designed to spark healthy and compatible partnerships, fans are still shocked to find out which pairs end in love and which lead to heartbreak. Love is blind: Japan, while featuring considerably less villainy than its flagship series, is still surprising. During the first half of the season, almost all of the show’s contestants found themselves engaged, with some couples looking much more promising than others.

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Odacchi and Nanako

It’s often said that when looking for a long-term romance, a strong sense of humor is key. As a professional comedian, Odacchi, 35,’s lively energy and silly jokes have made him a hit in the pods. Despite this, many candidates wondered if laughter would be enough to sustain a marriage; few took him seriously as a husband. At first, 31-year-old former ballet teacher Nanako felt the same way.

After talking about her divorce and jobless status, however, Nana — and viewers — saw a much more vulnerable side to Odachi. While professing to love the art of ballet, Nanako believed she was unqualified to teach it, feeling like she didn’t know much herself. Originally on the path to becoming a physics school teacher, Oddachi left that profession for a very similar reason. This commonality led to an immediate spark and, ultimately, the premiere of the show’s proposals.

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Ryotaro and Motomi

Ryotaro, a 32-year-old hairstylist, found himself grateful for the pods. With dyed blonde locks and an intimidating demeanor, he felt any bride-to-be would walk away from him out of fear. Despite his intimidating appearance, Ryotaro quickly exposed his softer side. While he and Motomi, 27, first talked about their strengths and weaknesses, they discovered quite a bit in common.

Everyone had a love for chinchillas, Ryotaro having owned one as a child. Eventually, the two grew close enough for Motomi to talk about a previous marriage — which lasted less than a year in her early twenties — and, after Ryotaro reacted with warmth and understanding, she proposed with a sweet note, endearingly listing its flaws. before asking for her hand in marriage.

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Yudai and Nana

Similar to Ryotaro, 23-year-old hairstylist Yudai assumed his tattoos would be trash. But like Odacchi, he proved very popular with the ladies. Seducing both 30-year-old Ayano and 32-year-old Eri with her wit, charm and surprising maturity, the ever-humble Yudai has chosen 31-year-old online marketer Nana as his bride-to-be. Reacting to his tattoos without judgment, Nana quickly won over the young man with her candor, passion and kindness.

Their open discussions flourished, quickly touching on topics such as future prospects, individual motivations and careers. This eventually resulted in Nana admitting that she felt an attraction right away. Yudai confessed that the feeling was mutual, stating that he had already made up his mind. Following Nana’s suggestion to “trust the process”, Yudai immediately offered.

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Wataru and Midori

Although Priya, 28, was also vying for the premiere’s affections, the connection between this fan-favorite couple was instantaneous. Both were familiar with the tech world, with Wataru, 38, working in IT as a corporate executive and Midori – eight years his junior – working as a senior business planner at a successful tech company . The two also spent part of their youth in the Midwestern United States. These similarities, along with their mutual professional ambition, bonded them as a couple.

Wataru was eventually won over by Midori’s candor and her willingness to move forward with him, which resulted in a proposal. But while Wataru was blown away by his bride-to-be’s appearance – stating that she was “beyond his imagination” – connecting her voice to the face in front of her seemed like a persistent challenge for Midori.

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Mori and Minami

Mori, a 37-year-old cosmetic dermatologist, had all but given up on the idea of ​​marriage until his friends pushed him to join the show’s cast. He and 26-year-old architect Minami bonded over their shared Korean heritage, aligned future goals and similar tough upbringings. Mori quickly understood Minami’s unique modes of communication. He said his tendency to ask awkward questions and talk nonsense was a sign of rare sincerity.

Mori felt he ‘just couldn’t leave [Minami] alone” and proposed, illustrating Love is blind premise by telling her, “Even if I were to go blind one day, I know I would still be in love with you.”

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Mizuki and Priya

While he was initially in love with Wataru and seemingly heartbroken by his choice, love for Priya came in the form of 29-year-old Mizuki. Although not always on her romantic radar, Priya had established a closeness with the restaurateur – so much so that she immediately recognized his voice. As the discussion moved from professions to romantic expectations, a deeper connection was forged when they realized how ambitious they both were.

Priya’s drive, upbringing, and feminist ideology only deepened Mizuki’s feelings. Both entrepreneurs, they expressed a shared passion for their careers and began discussing how to balance work and family life. Priya’s unique set of values ​​- prioritizing work, family, and fun in equal measure – cemented her as “the only one” in Mizuki’s eyes. After professing his deep admiration and respect for her, he proposed. She happily accepted.

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Misaki and Kaoru

While many of Misaki’s previous romantic prospects were put off by the idea of ​​traveling to Kenya with him, the 31-year-old coach of Kenya’s national baseball team wondered if he would ever find love. . Luckily for him, singer-songwriter Misaki was up for the adventure, having been there once herself.

It was an important commonality that Misaki hadn’t shared with any of his previous partners, immediately sparking sparks between the two. Unlike other couples, there was no significant age gap between the two, and both admitted to loving – and owning – companion dogs, laughing together as they compared the breeds.

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Shuntaro and Ayano

For most of the series, self-proclaimed beauty guru Ayano seemed the least lucky in love. Having been rejected by both Yudai and Mori for a perceived lack of openness, the 30-year-old told Shuntaro that was not the case. His reserved nature, she explained, was largely due to his upbringing. Although torn between the 56-year-old consultant and young prospect Sho, Shuntaro’s warmth and acceptance ultimately swayed her decision.

Unlike the others, a man 26 years her senior provided Ayano with the space to be vulnerable. The two were engaged by the fifth episode of the series. With the remaining six episodes of this season now available to stream on Netflix, fans will finally be able to see which couples say “I do” after the weddings in the US version. Fans can also check out more new shows on Netflix.

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