NIGHT HEAD 2041 TV Anime is playing in Japan in July


NIGHT HEAD 2014a 2021 TV anime based on the 1992 TV drama about a pair of psychically gifted brothers fleeing persecution in a dystopian futuristic world, is being adapted into a stage play set in Tokyo in July 2022. The staff principal of NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE SCENE was unveiled, including:

  • Original work: George Iida / NIGHTHEAD 2041 production committee
  • Screenplay: Aoi Tsukimori
  • Director: Rion Kako

Many leading acting roles for NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE SCENE have been dubbed, including:

  • Hiroki Ino and Akira Kagimoto (leader) as Naoto Kirihara.
  • Ryugi Yokota and Natsuki Osaki as Naoya Kirihara.
  • Shunta Sono (M!LK) and Rui Kihara as Takuya Kuroki.
  • Hiroki Sana and Masaki Yabe (DISH//) as Yuya Kuroki.
  • Riko Nakayama (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) ​​and Saki Kiyoi as Shoko Futami.

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Other performers for NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE SCENE include:

  • Haruna Iikubo as Kimie Kobayashi.
  • Riko Sugahara as Reika Muto.
  • Kaiki Ohara as Michio Sonezaki.
  • Saki Tateno (Drama Troupe 4 dollars 50 cents) as Yui Akiyama.
  • Takashi Sasaki as Daisuke Honda.
  • Ryunosuke Kawai as Kyōjiro Mikuriya.
  • Hiro Yūmi as Akiko Okuhara.
  • And Tomoki Tsukada, Seiya Shirasaki, Tatsuya Ogasawara, Shunya Sasaki, Keita Kanno, Ayumu Murakami, Erina Osawa, and Azusa Yoshihama as ensemble members.

NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE SCENE will take place from July 1 to 10, 2022 at the G-Rosso Theater in Tokyo. the NIGHT HEAD 2041 The television anime is directed by Takamitsu Hirakawa and features animation production by Shirogumi. Crunchyroll is currently streaming NIGHT HEAD 2041and describes the story of the series as follows:

It is said that humans do not use about 70% of their brains. It is believed that the mysterious powers that some humans exhibit come from this part of the brain. There’s a term for the 70% of the brain that doesn’t get used to… The brothers who run away, and the brothers who chase them… The story of two groups of brothers controlled by their destiny is about to begin.

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Copyright notice:

© George Iida / NIGHT HEAD 2041 Production Committee

© Production Committee “NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE STAGE”

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