Universal Studios Japan to bring back Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon attractions


Popular attractions based on the animated series Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon will return for the annual Universal Cool Japan event this year.

Universal Studios Japan revealed that the fan favorite The attack of the Titans and sailor moon The attractions will return for Universal Cool Japan 2022.

During the annual event, Universal Studios Japan hosts rides and experiences based on Japanese media ranging from anime to movies and video games. As reported by Nathalie, a tour confirmed for this year is the popular Attack on Titan XR Ride, a virtual roller coaster. By putting on VR headsets, fans can experience the world of The attack of the Titans as they pass through the famous walled city in a horse-drawn carriage. However, the peaceful ride is soon interrupted when Titans break through the walls, causing the car to fly past the city limits as members of the Survey Corps are deployed to take down the giants. Fans can also immerse themselves further in the experience by purchasing Survey Corps gear, coats, jackets, capes and replicas of swords that will be available for sale.

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Another ride that’s about to come back is the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D: Moon Palace Chapter theater performance. While some fans may have seen the show when it debuted in 2019, this year’s show will have an additional scene of the Sailor Guardians attending a ball. Special environmental effects will make viewers feel like they are actually in the world of the hit show, seemingly able to interact with Sailor Moon herself.

With part two of the final season airing on January 10, the hype for The attack of the Titans is bigger than ever as the anime thunders towards its conclusion. All four seasons of the anime have been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike due to its gripping storyline, stellar animation, well-rounded characters, and smooth action sequences. In reality, The attack of the Titans was the most-watched TV show in the United States when the first half of the final season aired in 2021, until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoofed the title shortly before the premiere of the last episode. the The attack of the Titans manga is also one of the best-selling manga series in history, with over 100 million volumes circulating worldwide as of December 2019.

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Sailor Moon has also seen great success, with the shojo juggernaut still booming ever since the manga began serialization in Nakayoshi magazine in 1991. Raising an estimated $ 13 billion in worldwide merchandise sales to date, the series has sparked multiple adaptations of anime, musicals, live-action, and video games. A sailor moon The ice skating show starring Evegnia Medvedeva was announced on June 30, 2019 and is set to begin in June 2022 after being postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

the Attack on Titan XR Ride and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D: Moon Palace Chapter The attractions will run from March 4 to August 28 at Universal Cool Japan 2022.

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