There are several reasons to apply for a loan and although most people directly associate it with paying debts, they are often used to invest in a house, remodeling, traveling or buying a car or motorcycle.

However, regardless of your reasons for requesting it, you must meet certain requirements. Know what you need to ask for a loan.

Personal Identification Document


The first thing that any bank or loan cooperative will ask you for is the personal identification document (DPI). This document serves both to prove the age of majority as well as to be able to visualize the credit record of the person and give an idea of ​​their financial responsibility.

The amount

Another of the essential parts that you will be asked for anywhere is the amount of money you need. It is important to know if the institution offers that amount and on the other hand to generate the loan offer. Here it is good to highlight that you should try not to exceed your ability to pay, but they will hardly grant you the money.

Application form

Once you are sure of the decision, you have to fill out a loan application form that the same establishment must provide you. In this document you will be required personal data such as name, address, telephone, email and also the work data.

Debt repayment guarantee

In several banks or loan cooperatives you will be asked to commit to payments through a contract, in which a guarantor is required.

Proof of Payment


Another requirement that most ask for is proof of water or electricity, to make sure the address of your address as well as the fulfillment of your financial responsibilities.

Justification of income

This is necessary both in case you have a contract or your own business, where the banking institution will hardly give you money if you do not show a justification with which you will settle the loan.

It will depend on the institution what they request regarding your employment situation, being able to focus on the stability or the exact amount of monthly income, both as an endorsement and guarantee of payment.

Not be involved in a debt

Not be involved in a debt

To apply for a loan it is important that you are not immersed in a debt, as it will interfere in the process and in that they provide you with the loan.

It should be noted that in addition to not currently being involved in a debt, it should not be late, but it is much less likely to accept the request.

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