Attack on Titan ep 84 delayed in Japan, international streaming impact explained


Attack on Titan Episode 84 (S4 ep 25) release time is set to be delayed in Japan, but how will this impact the international launch for streaming?

There are only four episodes left of Attack on Titan…what an exciting and depressing statement.

The iconic anime series has continued to dominate the global anime community and conversation since its highly anticipated return in early January.

However, with such a globally diverse audience as Attack on Titan, information about the international release time of upcoming episodes remains the most important part of any fan’s countdown.

Sadly, Attack on Titan Episode 84 has to be delayed in Japan, but what impact will that have on the launch of international streaming?

Attack on Titan | Eren & Reiner Crescendo Final Season Trailer

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Attack on Titan | Eren & Reiner Crescendo Final Season Trailer





Attack on Titan episode 84 postponed in Japan

Attack on Titan is broadcast for the first time in Japan on television channels; however, this week’s episode (84 in the series) will unfortunately be delayed from its usual programming block.

As confirmed by the franchise’s official Japanese website, episode 84 will be delayed by 10 minutes in Japan. It’s “Due to the special organization, the departure time will be changed” from 00:05 to 00:15 JST.

The good news for fans outside Japan is that Episode 84 should still launch normally through Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

Indeed, there is about a five-hour wait between the end of the domestic broadcast in Japan and the international release for English streaming.

A pause between the two launches allows international streaming platforms to maintain their usual premiere schedule for animated simulcast content; so that when a delay like this happens, the international fan base is not affected.

For fans outside of Japan watching Attack on Titan via Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu, episode 84 of the series will launch as usual at 8:45 p.m. GMT on Sunday, March 6.e.

Isayama’s Involvement in Season 4 Part 2

When the first short of Attack on Titan’s final season aired last year, original series creator Hajime Isayama was busy working on the manga finale. Because of this, Isayama couldn’t be involved in the production of the first part of Season 4 as much as fans might have hoped.

Luckily, director Yuichiro Hayashi recently explained that Isayama is much more involved in producing and commentating on future Attack on Titan episodes.

“At the time of part 1 he was working on the final so it seemed like he was really busy. But now it’s all over. So the comments from him were about an A4 size sheet , but now it’s about two A4 sheets. And he’s now checking things more closely. There are a lot of suggestions for improvement like “I want you to fix this part”, but also a lot of “Oh, that’s is awesome,” which makes me very happy.” — Yuichiro Hayashi, via ComicBook.

Isayama would also have requested that the appearances of “Nerd Armin” and “Goth Mikasa” during the scene where Eren experiences the memories of Titan’s predecessors

A nod to Zack Snyder’s 300 movie

Director Yuichiro Hayashi and screen designer Yusuke Tannawa recently sat down with an interview on the Pony Canyon YouTube channel.

In the interview, it was revealed that a very important scene from Season 4 Part 2 was actually inspired by Zack Snyder’s classic Spartan film, 300.

The scene was a flashback to founder Ymir’s life as a young child, who is tortured and taken away by King Fritz, the original king of Paradise Island.

Hayashi explained that he “had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do with the visuals of this scene” and that he “didn’t want to make it a regular flashback”.

“I wanted her look to be more striking. The figures appear darker because they are all backlit, while the sky is brighter. We wanted it to look like some footage from the movie 300. It looks a bit like a bleach bypass. He created an extraordinary atmosphere. I thought ordinary blue skies wouldn’t suit this scene. We needed a world with a tense and disturbing atmosphere to show that something unusual is happening. – Yuichiro Hayashi, via Pony Canyon YouTube, translated by We Got This Covered.

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